Assessment Platform Help

All help you need in attempting the assessment - the various question types that you can come across in the assessment and the frequently asked questions.

Coding Editor

For a coding question in the assessment, you will be presented with the coding area to enter your response. Note that your code will be auto-saved at set intervals. The components of the coding editor are described below:

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    Flag question

    Check the flag to review a particular question before the final submission.

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    Language select

    Using the dropdown, you can change the coding language, as and if configured by the employer.

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    Help for the language selected

    This document briefly explains how the engine reads input and output formats, it also includes other information that helps in coding on the IDE provided.

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    Assessment timer

    The timer counts back till the end of the allotted time. If the timer runs out of time while you are still attempting it, the assessment will be automatically closed and your response will be auto-saved.

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    Question navigation

    Use < Prev/ Next/ Proceed> buttons to navigate between questions.

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    Editor settings

    The editor setting allows you to choose the theme, font, brightness, and much more to code at your comfort.

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    Run all tests

    Clicking on this button will compile your code against all the test cases added by the employer. Note that few test cases will be open and others hidden.

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    Run code

    Clicking on ‘Run’ compiles your code against the open test cases.

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    Test with custom input

    Check this box to add custom input to test your code.

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    The test case summary is made available to you in this section.

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    Assessment question

    The left column on the screen is where the coding question is displayed.

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    Video recording

    If your prospective employer has chosen to proctor the assessment, your video will be recorded while you take the assessment and will be reviewed by your employer on the assessment completion.

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    Jump to question

    Jump to any question back and fourth.

  • Flag question
  • Language select
  • Help for the language selected
  • Assessment timer
  • Question navigation
  • Editor settings
  • Run all tests
  • Run code
  • Test with custom input
  • Output
  • Assessment question
  • Video recording
  • Jump to question


The projects - front-end, back-end or full stack are set-up with access to all files to run the project in an isolated environment including a web based IDE to code. All the dependencies required are pre-installed in the project.

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    Question content

    The problem statement and the necessary instructions to work on the project are provided here.

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    Enables you to search for the files within the project by name.

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    Click here to lock the file tree view.

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    File editor

    Area to edit the file.

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    Terminal area

    Use the terminal area to run the code.

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    Refresh terminal

    Reload the terminal.

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    Keyboard shortcut

    Information on the keyboard shortcuts you can use.

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    Save all

    Click to save changes made in all files.

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    Use this button to compile the code.

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    File tree

    All files present in the project are listed.

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    Show/hide question area

    Expand/collapse WebIDE area by toggling the display of question area.

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    Launch app

    Use this button to launch your coded app.

  • Question content
  • Search
  • Lock
  • File editor
  • Terminal area
  • Refresh terminal
  • Keyboard shortcut
  • Save all
  • Build
  • File tree
  • Show/hide question area
  • Launch app

Types of questions and evaluation process

Typing Test

Frequently Asked Questions

For the best experience, you should use the latest stable versions of Chrome or Firefox.

Yes, this link should help you check your system’s compatibility

Yes, you can attempt the sample assessment here

All your responses will be auto-saved on Glider, do not worry if you are disconnected while taking the assessment. You can pick and continue the assessment right from where you left by accessing the assessment link again.

However, please note that the timer does not stop ticking while you are offline and the assessment time will end as per schedule. Inform your recruiter about the issue you faced and request an extension. The recruiter can allocate additional time or allow you to reattempt the assessment.

If you are facing any technical difficulties, please contact us through Chat available on the assessment platform.

These Help articles on giving access should help you.

In case internal pages fail to load or are not loading correctly due to a network issue, you can refresh the browser tab to fix such issues.

Reach the support team of Glider through the Chat option on the application or you can write to us at

You can request an extension through the “Request an extension” link in the email invitation or reply to the email and write to the recruiter.

Yes, you can navigate to Review Answers screen and modify the submitted answers before the final submission. Please note that some assessments can be timed and once a section’s time limit is reached, you will not be able to review answers. There is no limit on the number of times you can view/edit before the final submission of your assessment.

If you happen to refresh the browser while attempting a coding question, your changes will be lost. Avoid refreshing the browser while attempting the coding question. All your previous responses will be saved though.

If the assessment is timed, you will have to complete the assessment within the specified time. It is not recommended to close or leave the assessment mid-way as the timer will not stop and will continue to count down the time. If the exit is inevitable, please ensure to come back as soon as possible to complete the assessment within the time left.

If the assessment is not timed, you can exit the assessment and come back anytime before the link validity expiry to complete the assessment.

The initial loading of assessment can take time as it is highly dependent on your network speed. It might take around 10 seconds to load an assessment in case you are attempting on a slow network. If the assessment does not load even after waiting for a while, send a chat message to the Glider live support team, and they will help you immediately.

You will have to install the Glider’s native app on Android or iOS before you attempt the assessment on your phone. However, the assessment author should have enabled to allow access on phone and only then you will be able to attempt the assessment on phone. To check if you can take the assessment on phone, click on the “Start Assessment” link in your email from your phone and you will be prompted to install the app if the assessment is configured for mobile phone access.

The recruiter can choose to allow you to reattempt an assessment based on your request. Please contact the recruiter who invited you to request a reattempt.

Glider enables organizations to conduct assessments on the platform but does not have the rights to share the assessment results. The assessment results are shared by the organization which conducting the assessment.

General Instructions

  • Glider online assessment requires a stable internet connection.
  • We recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • Please close all other browsers, browser tabs, and applications with sensitive or personal information before starting the assessment.
  • Please close all programs that upload or download files in the background (eg. Dropbox, Google Drive, torrent etc.)
  • To avoid any distractions, you should close all chat windows, screen-savers etc. before starting the assessment.
  • You can answer questions in any order.
  • If you run out of time, all the attempted questions will be auto-submitted.
  • Your attempted responses will be auto-saved if the test is disconnected for any reason. You can resume the test from the last attempted question.
  • Please do not wear earphones or headphones while attempting the test.
  • Please ensure that your ears are visible and that your hair is not covering your ears.
  • Please do not converse while attempting the test.
For proctored assessment:
  • Browser search will be tracked during the assessment duration. Please close all the tabs that are not relevant for the assessment.
  • Tab switch is restricted for proctored assessment. Any suspicious activity will be tracked and reported to the employer.
  • You should keep your mobile phone with you during the test in case the proctoring requires it.